Pepper Sprays

Whoop Ass Wholesale has the unique opportunity to actually custom make pepper sprays for you. You decide the strength, the size, the holster, and the packaging.

- Our Best Selling Pepper           - 15% Pepper Spray - four      - For the ladies - packing         - Law Enforcement Unit.             - For those who can't take
Spray - 17% 4 million scoville    million scoville heat units.           a powerful Whoop Ass                                                                "no" for an answer.         heat units.                                                                                   punch!                                     



     - Half-ounce                 - Three-quarter             - Three-quarter ounce
        unit.                              ounce w/ keyring.          with flat bottom.

      - Two-ounce             - Three ounce               - Four ounce unit
        unit cop top head       unit with cop top           with cop top

   - 16 ounce                     - Black pen                   - Pink pen
     unit with firemaster          pepper spray.                pepper spray.


We have three types of heads for our pepper spray:
Cop Top which has no safety
Twist Lock which has a safety actuator head and
Flip Top which has a tab on the top covering the
actuator for safety.



 - Half-ounce Pink        - Half-ounce Camo      - Half-ounce Black

 -  Half-ounce Zebra    - Half-ounce Plaid        - Half-ounce Tiger    


  - Half-ounce              - 3/4 oz. pink jogger   - 3/4 oz. black jogger

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